What Do Christians Believe?

What Do Christians Believe?

What Christians Believe

Christians believe that God created us, loves us and desires to know us. We believe that God wants to know you too and that you can begin that relationship today. Read on below to find out more…

God Wants to Know You

Having a relationship with God is the most exciting adventure you can have. It’s what we were created for!

Every one of us was created for relationships and God is a relational being as well, which is why the Bible tells us about the most important relationship of all – our relationship with our maker.

Inside every human being, there is a space which only God can fill and until we meet with him, we all have a sense that there is something missing. People try to fill this space with all sorts of things. For some people this leads to the pursuit of wealth and for others it is simply pursuing passions which are harmless enough in themselves but can never really fill that empty space inside of us. Others take the destructive descent into drugs or alcohol, desperate to find a sense of wholeness.

Something is broken in our relationship with God but the Good news is that God has a way of fixing it. You can know him.

Through the story of Adam and Eve, the Bible explains how people were given a choice to love God and live within the simple loving boundaries that he set or to go their own way. Love is never forced and so God had to give a choice. People decided to rebell against God and choose their own destiny.

We can only know what it is to be fully human in a relationship with God and God has made a way for us to return to him.


I Want to Know God, What Can I do?

Because we are separated from God, we are broken and however good we try to be and however good we think we are, we still make a mess of things. We alll have evil thoughts, we all find ourselves doing and saying things that we know we shouldn’t, we hurt others and others hurt us. The world is full of all kinds of terrible things and many of them are things that people do to other people.

This brokeness that is in all of us is what the Bible calls sin and it needs healing and forgiving before we can come to God and get fixed.

There is a penalty for our sin and the Bible tells us that this penalty is death. This is what Jesus came for; he died for us, in our place, so that if we will trust in him and turn to God we can be saved from our sin, from ourselves and finally know the one who created us and loves us far more than any human being ever will or ever can.

Jesus Died on the Cross for You

Do you understand all of this? You might not understand how all this works, or even how some of it makes sense. It’s a lot to take in, but you may find yourself believing two things as you read this;

  • That you fall terribly short of what you should be and that you can’t help yourself – you need God to rescue you.
  • That Jesus really did die for you.
    You may not understand everything but if you find yourself believing the two things above, the Bible says it’s because God enabled you to believe.

If you follow through by putting your trust in Jesus and following him, the Bible calls this saving faith. Put simply, you put your trust (faith) in Jesus and he promises that he will rescue (save) you.

You can pray this prayer right now

Prayer just means talking to God and you don’t need to use a special voice or adopt a particular pose – just talk…

  1. Simply tell God in your own words that you are sorry
  2. Say thank you that Jesus died for you
  3. Tell him that with his help, you will turn away from everything you know to be wrong in your life
  4. Tell him that with his help, you will live the rest of your life for him

He is ready to accept you and make you into a new person.

You Need Support

The Bible says that you’re like a spiritual new born baby right now and there’s much more that we would like to tell you about all that God has for you. You’ll definitely need some help and some encouragement to get going with your new faith.

If you’re near Colchester we’d love to see you at Praiseway and if not you’ll need a good local church community. We’ll be happy to help with that, just get in touch.

What about science?

Science makes new discoveries and proposes new hypotheses everyday; some of these go on to be established theories and others are revised and expanded, whilst others are superseded. Science at it’s best is always learning and growing in knowledge, as well as revising its ideas as new knowledge comes to light. What’s more, the Bible encourages this.

“It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” (Proverbs 25:2)

When it comes to science, Christians hold a variety of views about the conclusions of science. Christians may differ in their views of evolution, geology and on questions of whether the earth is old or young. The Bible, however, is more concerned with the reason and purpose for creation than it is with answering all the questions of science.

When it comes to physics, the verse above shows that God has uniquely equipped us to go and discover these things for ourselves. He has intentionally “hidden” some things so that we will have the joy of exploring His creation. Science then seeks to explain the process by which things happen, but the Bible introduces us to the one who is the ultimate cause and sustainer of these processes. He wants to have a relationship with us.

Our advice is that you don’t let these questions get in the way of you knowing God.You will always be growing and learning but deciding to come to him is the most important decision you can make.

The World Is Such A Mess, How Can I Believe In God?

The Bible says that God loves us but this raises some questions:

  • If God wants us to know him then why does it seem so difficult and why are some people able to believe that he’s not there at all?
  • If God loves us then why is the world in such a mess and why do so many people suffer?

Below are some simple answers but if you want to explore this more, or if you’re struggling to come to terms with a personal tragedy, do get in touch and we’d love to chat.

Humanity, and the world we live in, is broken

If we look at the world around us with all of it’s problems, pain and injustice, we might be tempted to think that something is broken. That’s precisely what the Bible teaches…

Freedom to Choose

When God created human beings, he gave them a very special gift – freedom. Humanity was given the freedom to choose rebellion against God or to enjoy a loving relationship with him and human beings chose to go their own way. This is the story that’s told in the first three chapters in the Bible; People were designed to function in a relationship with God and without him something is broken. We make wrong choices, we hurt each other and act selfishly. This brokenness is what the Bible calls sin and it is the consequence of our alienation from God. Even the good that we do is tainted by this brokenness.

Couldn’t God Have Just made us Love him?

Sadly he couldn’t. Love is not love if it is forced and the only world that could be created this way would be a kind of robotic world in which we all just do as we are programmed. This would be a world without choice and therefore a world without love and a world without virtue.


The truth is that as a loving creator, God deserves our love, worship and obedience. Deep down each of us knows that we have done wrong and when we do finally come before God, we will know clearly that there is no excuse that we can give. This guilt is not just a feeling but is a reality. We really are guilty and the Bible tells us that there is a heavy penalty to pay

One day, the Bible says, God will judge the whole world, the murderers, the perpetrators of genocide and other such atrocities. But he will also judge us.

I’m Not That Bad – Am I?

For many years I worked in a poor area of East Africa and one place I recall from that time was a large rubbish dump, just outside the town. The smell was terrible and you wouldn’t want to take more than a few minutes there. However, there were people who actually lived on that rubbish dump and lived out their whole lives in dirty makeshift dwellings – and yet, the smell didn’t bother them at all, why? Well you see, after a while, they didn’t smell it, they just got used to it.

This is an illustration of the world we live in. We’ve never experienced the world, or life in its perfect state, as God created and intended it to be. That’s why we’re horrified by especially terrible and unusual crimes but quite laid back about our own ‘everyday’ imperfections. We just don’t ‘smell them’ and we don’t realise how terrible we really are when compared to all that we were supposed to be.

A Way Back

Whatever we may think, the Bible says that our sin is worthy of judgement. But God… God loves us and like a loving father he sent his son, Jesus, who chose to die for us, to bear the cost of our sin.

The Bible describes the penalty for our sin as being like a debt. Jesus is the only person who has ever lived a perfect life and he is the only one who could pay our debt because he had none of his own. The Bible says that Jesus’ death on the cross has made it possible for us to have a relationship with God.